Today over half of the world’s population is already living in cities.

Cities in the developing countries, show an accelerated, uncontrolled growth with all its negative consequences on disparity, traffic, sanity and environment. In many cases they are underprepared for the requirements of the near future.

On the other hand the growth is minor in the cities and metropolitan regions of the so-called developed world. They are stuck in a phase of increasingly intense competition for economic activity and population. The relation between the economic situation, quality of life, urban design, the satisfaction of the citizen and sustainable transport in the city determines their position and opportunities in this competition.

In any case the goal of urban planning should be the creation of a liveable urban environment improving possibilities and opportunities for the future of its population.


The functional deterioration of the city-centres is not only threatening the development paradigm of the European city, it sweeps away the base of a possible healthy and sustainable urban future. Urban development can no longer be seen as master planning and construction of more and more new residential districts and high performance roads connecting them.


Transport systems are no longer at the height of the circumstances and in many cases hinder necessary development processes towards the balance between environmental, economic, spatial and social issues - in other words - Sustainability.


Equality of opportunities, and along with it, the equal accessibility of the cities for its entire population has to be a major goal for any democracy and hence for democratic planning.

The activities related to technological and economic development require a specific environment that encourages an informal and interdisciplinary exchange fostering creativity.

The urban environment is a representative, cultural, psychological, aesthetic, biological, economical, functional and social value, which needs to be cared for.

My objective is to is present viable strategic solutions to the major problems of urban development.